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LED billboard is a highly recommended provider for all your digital sign solutions. Unlike standard billboards, digital billboards use extremely efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) to present large-scale full-color broadcast-quality graphics, animations, and video, or some combination of all three.

LED billboards offer a host of benefits. They can play a specific role in the expansion and success of a business by attracting new customers. They are an important method for getting the message to as many people as possible and broadening the customer base.

No other kind of advertising can gain an individual’s attention as well as an animated billboard, especially when they are located in areas of high-traffic. Our LED digital display billboard provide a quick and effective way for you to communicate with your customers 24/7, giving you a winning edge over your competition. When it comes to trusting us with your investment, there is absolutely no doubt that you have chosen the best LED sign provider in our area. As the leader in digital billboard technology, partnering with IMD means selecting a provider that will make you and your advertisers not only look the best, but capture attention to set your message apart from the competition. That makes IMD the best value in the industry. So if you are thinking about making a new investment in electronic signs, get in touch with IMD.

Key Features of our LED Billboard

  • Our LED Billboard is Samsung XAT Series XA100T P10
  • LED Billboard surface is 51m2 (17x3m)
  • The ideal advertising RESOLUTION is 1632x288px@25fps
  • High quality display directly from Samsung
  • Resistant to severe weather conditions
  • Perfect location(Eqrem Qabej St., Lesna premises, Pristina)

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