About our LED Billboard

LED billboard is a visual communication tool that engages audiences, improves efficiency and lowers operating costs.

Led billboard has dimensions of 10x3m, and works with p8 full color rgb modules, which allows the ads to be transmitted to it to be bright, full of color and contrast, so that it is impossible not to be noticed.

Where are located the Static Billboards?

Whether building your brand in a specific neighborhood or across the city, IMD offers you a complete solution to reach the right target audience, based on the static Billboard location, IMD can help expose ads that bring results.

Location : Mother Teresa Square, Prishtinë.

Dimensions: 5x3 meters.

Billboard Advertising entices your potential customers to choose your products before the competition products.

Social Media Managment

Our social media marketing services help your business grow by enhancing brand awareness and customer relationship.

Social Media Advertising

Content Creation

Brand Awareness

Build Relationships

The main key of increasing sales it to build up a relationship with your audience. Strong engagement through social media will make an increase in sales that will be led by an increase of engagement as comments, likes, tags etc. The increase of connection with your audience will be a primary focus.

We have your Web Solution

IMD works on enhancing new creative innovations and features to our client’s digital presence through their custom web page, being both creative and technically inclined. IMD is to create a unique web design content that captures the essence of your brand or the products/services offered for your potential customers.

Web Design

Web Development.

What do we offer from Graphic Design?

Design matters. IMD offers graphic design services to promote your company, brand or business, bringing professional solutions that will create a unique presence on social media. Our graphic design services include:

Social Media Design

Packaging Design

Visual Design

Motion Design

Advertising Design